Throughout the year, Soul Care sponsors a variety of workshops on such topics as improving your relationships, building emotional closeness in your relationships, developing healthy communication skills, thriving through the holidays, and the like.

Watch the Bridgeway bulletin or The City for details about upcoming workshops.


Sustainable Faith Establishing Healthy Rhythms

Early Fall (date pending move), $5 includes breakfast

Ask most people how their day was and the common answer is “busy”.  Busy isn’t always a bad thing but if it takes our focus off the most important things than it can kill our soul.  What does it look like to have a healthy balance of work, rest and fun?  How do I serve without burning out?  Spend a morning exploring scripture, evaluating your current rhythms and using practical tools to prioritize your fall.  

Grief Share and Divorce Care – Surviving the Holiday’s Workshop

Late Fall (date pending move), free

Holidays aren’t always easy when you’ve experienced a profound loss.  Take intentional time to acknowledge and prepare for the many emotions you might face during the holidays.

Explore what to do about traditions, get helpful tips for surviving social events and discover hope for your future.