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Welcome to Soul Care

Two years ago I started writing spiritual reflections about how we could best care for our souls in the midst of a pandemic. I received such a positive response from those who received this weekly email, I decided to share these online. I will continue to add new posts every week as well as sharing my favorites from the past two years.

Soul Care for All Seasons

The pandemic has taught all of us that we can't fully rely on the outside world to always go our way. We need spiritual resources to strengthen our souls during the difficult times. And those same resources help us to fully savor and enjoy the good times.

Here to Serve You

I offer these reflections not as the only way forward, but rather as wisdom that I've gained from my journey that may help you on yours. I leave it to you to decide how these ideas can be applied to your life.

Each reflection ends with an invitation to take action, so I would invite you right now to read the message that resonates with you the most. And feel free to leave a comment or question below. Enjoy the journey!

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