Although Soul Care serves the Bridgeway community primarily through its licensed professional mental health providers, there are a multitude of opportunities for lay volunteers to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing their gifts and talents in this vital ministry. Soul Care periodically holds an Intro To Soul Care class that explains all that happens under the soul care umbrella and current volunteer opportunities. It is a great time to see if Soul Care is your fit, please contact us for more information!

Needed volunteers:

  • Soul Care receptionists
  • Lay leaders and facilitators for recovery and cancer support groups
  • Sponsors or mentors (with or without past personal experience with recovery programs) for Bridgeway to Recovery participants
  • Lay persons with a caring heart for cancer patients to make hospital and in-home visitations, help with meals, home maintenance, housecleaning, childcare, pet care, running errands, understanding medical and insurance bills, and locating legal, financial, and funeral service professionals, as needed, or to send cards of encouragement
  • Physically fit individuals to assist with set-up and tear-down for periodic workshops
  • Prayer Warriors
  • Meals Ministry
If you are a licensed professional who would like to be on our referral list please fill out the “practitioner referral information form” and send it to 3735 Placer Corporate Dr., Rocklin, CA 95675.